“Just A Rental”

No, It’s Not Just A Rental

The phrase that plagues the property management community and industry is all too often heard and said. It’s a phrase that should be eliminated from tenants, owners and yes, even property management companies vocabulary. After all, have you ever heard of an agent say, “Oh it’s just a sale” or “Oh let’s just fix this house up good enough because we are just selling it”? Of course not, because you are restoring that home to the best possible shape to be able to list it for as much money as the appraisal will bring! This is not any different for rental homes or investment homes, because that is just what they are. These are investments, and if you don’t put effort into maintaining them your investment will eventually fail you. The homes that are put on the rental market should be painted nicely, have newer working appliances, the lawn maintained and lastly clean as if you were going to move into the home yourself. This will keep your investment working hard for you, your tenants happy and your home leased longer.

Quartermaster Properties obviously does not believe in this phrase and our rental homes show it!  These are homes leased to great people who need a quality place to raise their families and enjoy the place where life has landed them. We don’t provide “Just a rental”, we provide great homes that take care of both our tenants and owners. Join us in improving this industry and looking at rentals in a different light. Rental homes are just as important to maintain (possibly more important) as a home you own and maybe getting ready to list for sale.



Current Market Conditions


It’s been an extraordinary spring and summer with the real estate sales and rental market booming. Cost of homes continue to rise while rental rates are still creeping up slowly. For our investors it is becoming harder and harder to find homes that will cash flow and make great investments but there are still great deals nestled in the MLS’s. To find these deals it is important to have an agent that is quick to respond to new listings and ready to drop what they are doing and go see these homes. There are a few new home builders that will provide some great investment opportunities which include DR Horton. Vacancy rates are still staying very low depending on location and what the property has to offer. Some homes are renting in just hours but there are some cases where it is taking up to three weeks to find a qualified tenant.  

Owner Occupied

For the owner occupant who is looking for a home to settle into, it is still very much a sellers-market with more home buyers than homes to be sold. This creates lots of competition between buyers and could drive the cost of the home up, even above asking price! Be sure to know your budget limits and what your goals are before you think about getting into a situation like this. You could end up over paying for the home and then find yourself upside down in your home. A great agent will keep you on track and make sure you are getting the best deal you can get in this competitive environment. Either way you can’t go wrong with the agents at Quartermaster Properties! We have a comprehensive view of the real estate market and can provide you with all the tools you need to make the best decision possible. We are exactly what you need! 

Jason Shamis

Realtor/Property Manager-In-Charge


Always Have Your Home Prepared


You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball and when all of a sudden you find yourself having to relocate. I found myself in this situation many times in my life when I was serving in the Air Force. I also found myself relocating when relationship circumstances changed. The point I am trying to make is always have your home ready to sell because once you find out you need to relocate it is much easier to market your home.

It is much easier to sell your home when it has been properly maintained because that is what buyers are looking for. What sellers are looking for is to sell their home for more in the least amount of time possible given whatever their circumstances are. I run into this everyday and when I meet with homeowners and give them my suggestions it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. Once the decision has been made and you have your honey due list, it is all hands on deck to get it done. Staying ahead of the maintenance on your home maintains your homes rising value and keeps you ready for when life takes that unexpected twist or turn.

Spring is just around the corner and here are a few things to take into consideration. The first thing that you need to check is the HVAC system. It has been several months since you have kicked on the cooling side of your HVAC system so it will need a check up to make sure everything is working as it should. Another vital part to your home is the roof. With the amount of rain and inclement weather we have had in South Carolina over the winter it is important to make sure no leaks have developed causing bigger issues. The next common overlooked item that is very important is your gutter system. With fall a distant memory, the leaves are as well which more than likely are residing in your gutter system. This allows water to back up into the eves of your home causing wood rot and attracting those termites we are all aware of in South Carolina. Last but definitely not the least is the vents around your homes crawl space if your home is on a crawl space. Most people close those vents off during the winter months so be sure to open those back up to allow adequate air flow throughout your crawl space. Closed crawl space vents can increase the amount of moisture in your crawl space creating a perfect habitat for termites and other insects

These are just a high level of some common issues we see during our Real Estate adventures. We are always ready to help our clients and future clients with whatever needs they may have. We look forward to an amazing Spring and can’t wait to share in the success’s of our clients!


The Quartermaster Property Difference


It has been a wonderful year in Real Estate with 2019 quickly approaching. The market has cooled off some but there is still plenty of opportunity to sell or buy a home. This time of year seems to bring more serious buyers or sellers who need to move into a home or sell the one they are currently in ASAP. It is always a tough situation to have your home for sale or to be searching for a home with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching. I can help navigate and make showing or viewing a home much easier for everyone.

It is extremely important to have your paperwork ready and an agent who is willing to be there for you at every turn. I often see agents who take on too many clients and can’t give each of their clients their undivided attention when it is most important. I am always a phone call or text away to answer any questions or concerns you might encounter when going through the selling, buying or renting process.  An agent should be standing by for their clients and that is the difference between the agents at Quartermaster Properties and others. After all a home is one of the most expensive purchases a person will make and we want to make sure you make the best decision possible. If we can help or answer any questions, we stand ready to help!



Setting Rental Prices

One of the most discussed topics when meeting with owners about their property is the rental amount.  There are many different ways to determine the rental amount of your home.  The first and the most important is what you have probably heard at some point in your life which is location, location, location!  This is very important and it is where we begin to form an idea of what your property might rent for.  Some think that it may be as simple as an entire city but it really is more specific than that.  When we look at location we focus not just on the city but down to the neighborhood where the home is located.

Next, we focus on what that neighborhood has as it pertains to amenities (pool, sidewalks, playground, storage area, tennis courts, basketball courts) an assess the condition of them.  These are amenities that most tenants want to know about and the value it brings as it corresponds to the rental amount.  A pool has a lot of added value for tenants because it gives them a way for their family or themselves to have recreation at their finger tips.  Some tenants like to idea of having sidewalks so they can walk or run for exercise or to just enjoy the outdoors.

Lastly, we look at the age of the home, square footage and building materials used (granite, hardwood floors, crown molding, tile, fixtures) and how that may increase the value for our potential tenants.  The age of the home is very important to tenants because they are going to want a home that is energy efficient and aren’t going to want items like HVAC to be constantly serviced.  Having a home that is updated even though it may be older is very important for your rental amount and also to secure tenants that will take care of your home.  Next, everyone wants more room and obviously square footage has a big impact on rental amount along with the amount of bedrooms the home may have.  This part is pretty simple, the more room and rooms you have the more the rent can go up.  Some of the more important materials that need to be in a home to maximize your investment is granite vinyl plank or hardwood floors. The main point that we tell our clients is to get rid of the carpet and put down solid flooring.

This is not a comprehensive way to evaluate your rental price but these steps will put you on your way to getting a very close estimate for your home.  We are always willing to help in anyway we can so if you have any questions please let us know.


Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey Property Management Challenge

With the recent impact of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, we as a property management community need to open our hearts and wallets to help in this tragedy. As we all know, Texas will be in need of help for many months to come and we need to make sure they have what they need to get back on their feet.

Quartermaster Properties challenges all South Carolina property management companies to contribute a minimum of $250 to Samaritan’s Purse. Please go to www.samaritanspurse.org/disaster/hurricane-harvey/

or a charity of your choice today and make your contribution. Then send proof of your company’s pledge to info@qm-llc.com and we will publish a list of contributors to our Facebook and Google pages. Let’s give to these people in need and keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Please join us and add your name to the list.


Quartermaster Properties


When Should I Hire A Property Manager

There is a lot of confusion about when is the best time to hand over your investment and hire a property management company. So when should I hire a property manager?  You could argue back and forth about doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring a credible management company to take your headaches away.  After all it could avoid costly mistakes depending on your level of expertise and the type of project it is.  With any DIY project there is always a learning curve that you don’t expect to run into.  We all think that things are easier in the beginning of a project since after all “It can’t be that hard”.  After the project is finished sometimes we look back and think maybe if I had hired a professional to do this I could have saved money in the long run.

Once you decide to use a professional take Dave Ramsey’s advice and seek out the true professionals.  Not all management companies are created equal and each of them have their own business model they follow.  Most of them have the same level of software, advertising products and features to make them and their properties stand out.  The question is how do they handle the details of your property and what exactly do you and your tenants get for the price you pay?  Put yourself in a tenants shoes and look at the different companies through the eyes of the consumer.  Would you want to use this company for your housing needs?  How can I be sure I am renting a home from a company that will take care of it while I am living there?  There are a lot of window dressing out there for companies to mask what they can really do for you.  Make sure you take the time to look behind the curtains and see what makes each of them tick!  Here is some great info from Dave Ramsey about property management!  Just because you are a big name in property management doesn’t mean you are the best. Like Dave Ramsey says, “There are great management companies out there you just have to search them out.” Make sure you search a great company out, and make sure you stop and search Quartermaster Properties because “We Are Exactly What You Need!”