Comprehensive Real Estate Advice

I have been in the Real Estate business most of my life which has taught me several things.  I have made some good deals, great deals and some deals I wish I could do over again.  I have also seen a lot of wonderful agents and some not so good agents that I wish I could have mentored.  As the Broker-In-Charge at Quartermaster Properties it is my job to have comprehensive knowledge on Real Estate sales and property management.  This isn’t only my job as the Broker-In-Charge it is also my passion which makes this less of a job.  As the saying goes, “If you love what you are doing you will never work a day in your life.”

With all of the knowledge I have collected through the years it affords me the opportunity to pass this along to the property managers and agents who work for Quartermaster Properties. When you are dealing in Real Estate it is important to know what your client or clients are looking for and the goals they are trying to reach.  It is easy to show a client a few homes or look for a few homes for an investor and see if they are willing to buy it.  Here at Quartermaster Properties we don’t “shotgun” properties to buyers just to get a sale and satisfy our goals.  When we are working for our clients we comb through properties to ensure it will meet or even exceed their goals.  I recently sold a home to an investor who typically buys homes at a lower price range because that was their comfort zone.  I educated them on buying homes that may cost a bit more but would be a better return on their investment.  They were willing to take my advice and it paid off for them in a big way.  Together we found a new home that cost just a little more than some of the previous homes they purchased and put an offer in on the home.  Once we closed the deal we immediately put it on the rental market. To their delight, we exceeded their expectations by getting it rented for more than expected!  In this instance I saw their vision, gave them a little direction and then saw the entire process through till we met the end goal of renting it for a better return on investment.

You won’t learn comprehensive Real Estate by reading a book, watching YouTube, Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper.  This craft is learned through years of hard work, mistakes along the way and having a great mentor to help guide you to be the best comprehensive Real Estate agent possible.  This is what the Broker-In-Charge does and this is what I teach our team to strive for everyday.  Our clients are the most important asset in our business and they are doing us a favor by choosing Quartermaster Properties.  We show our appreciation to our clients by giving them the service that exceeds the status quo.

How Important Is Property Management Bookkeeping?

Charlie, the Real Estate Watch Dog

Charlie, the Real Estate Watch Dog

We have added a new member to our team of real estate professionals at Quartermaster Properties.  This is Charlie, the real estate watchdog.  He is a two year old Golden Doodle with a keen sense to sniff out real estate and market trends.  He also has good advice on how to make sure you pick the best real estate company for your needs.  Charlie is partial to Quartermaster Properties but does his best to be as objective as possible.  In addition, we are supported by APM Help, a bookkeeping firm specializing in the property management sector who Charlie also recommends.

Property Management Bookkeeping

For obvious reasons, property management bookkeeping is extremely important.  Accurate bookkeeping is important for the company.  Likewise, it is also very important for clients  to know their funds are managed correctly.  But I’m sure you must ask yourself:  How do clients know the condition of a company’s books?

Audit Tool:  Triple Tied Out

For months now we have been working with a company called APM Help.  APM Help is a bookkeeping firm which offers many client services including audit tools which report on the quality of a client’s books.  Quartermaster Properties has added a badge/link provided by APM Help called Triple Tied Out.  Triple Tied Out generates a link displayed at the bottom of our website.  This link provides 24×7 reporting on the condition of our books.  Consequently, the service helps us insure we keep our bookkeeping up to date and as transparent as possible to our current and future clients.

When searching for a property management company who is transparent, ask them if they use an audit tool as part of their bookkeeping process.  Quartermaster Properties is the “Gold Standard” in more ways than just bookkeeping.  We prove this saying by being transparent for all to see on the internet with our triple tied out badge/link and also by how we treat our clients and their properties.  We realize the importance of integrating useful technology with real estate and strive to stay on the cutting edge.  Take a minute and look for this symbol at the bottom of our landing page to get a current overview of our books.  Don’t forget to subscribe for triple tied out updates at the bottom of our web site.

Bookkeeping: Triple Tied Out Daily Audit Tool

Investment Home Trends

Owning a rental home is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.  This couldn’t be more true as we make our way into the summer of 2018.  South Carolina as a whole is booming and people from all over the world are moving here for various reasons.  South Carolina boasts beautiful beaches and magnificent mountains with wonderful lakes all in between.  The other major reason people are moving to South Carolina are jobs jobs jobs and more jobs.  Charleston continues to add major companies like Volvo, Boeing, and the ever growing medical jobs that the area is known for.  The Greenville/Spartanburg area continues to offer jobs with BMW, Michelin, GE Power and Water and Honeywell.  With all of these industries coupled with what people are able to do and see in South Carolina it makes it the perfect location for investment homes.  We continue to get more and more people calling us wanting to rent our homes so they can get a “lay of the land” before they purchase a home.  Some of our clients in this situation stay in the rental for a couple of years before they decide to purchase.  We also have clients that wish to stay a tenant so they can be more mobile due to their job situation.  These are all positives for the investors who want to continue to grow their investment home portfolio!  To make it as simple as I can the 2018 rental market is as hot as we have seen it and it continues to impress us.  Quartermaster Properties has the tools and knowledge on how to make these strategic purchases and manage them in the Greenville/Spartanburg or Charleston area.  If we can help you continue to grow or start your investment home portfolio we are ready to help. We Are Exactly What You Need!

The History of Quartermaster Properties


Quartermaster Symbol

The Company Name

Quartermaster Properties . . . our clients often ask us where we came up with the name.   The history of the term quartermaster is a naval term related to navigation. The quartermaster is the enlisted member in charge of the watch-to-watch navigation and the maintenance, correction and preparation of nautical charts and navigation publications.  Joseph Morelli, our Broker in Charge, served his country enlisted and commissioned in the United States Navy for a total of 31 years.  Thus, he is the reason that the name of the company is what it is today.  Consequently, the term Quartermaster Properties could not be more relevant to the real estate business and the close watch we have on our clients’ real estate investments

The Beginning

The name of a company is great, but where the rubber meets the road is how good is the service it provides to its clients?  We all have been in a situation where we really needed something done right and done right the first time.  The struggle is very real when it comes to finding someone to do just that!  In the early years of Quartermaster Properties (2008) we had a friend who needed “boots on the ground” to manage their vacation rental.  It was a very nice $2 million home on Folly Beach and it gave us our first look into what it takes to be a great property manager.  From there we expanded into long term rentals, securing several of our own, and made a few minor mistakes as we learned the business.

The Company Today

Since 2008, we have grown and adjusted our processes to make Quartermaster Properties one of the most highly respected property management companies in South Carolina.  Our vision for the company was to eventually add a sales division, which we recently completed.  Now Quartermaster Properties is a full service real estate company providing the best property management and sales in South Carolina.  The term that we have coined could not be more true today than it was in 2008 . . . We Are Exactly What You Need.

History of Mount Pleasant

Mt Pleasant, SC is one of Quartermaster Properties’ favorite places in the Charleston area. Take a few minutes and watch this video describing some of the history and local things to do and sites to see — the surrounding areas also have much to offer.

In the event you may be considering moving to Mt Pleasant or surrounding area, this will give you a wonderful overview and flavor of this amazing town.  #WeAreExactlyWhatYouNeed

Shem Creek, Mt Pleasant, SC

Shem Creek, Mt Pleasant, SC

While there, consider dining at Shem Creek Bar & Grill! Enjoy beautiful views of the creek while you savor the freshest seafood available – everything from Fried Shrimp to Seafood Stuffed Flounder to a Shem Pot brimming with Steamed Shrimp, Oysters, Clams, Mussels, and Lobster. Enjoy some of Big Al’s Freshly shucked Oysters.  Visit Quartermaster Properties web site for more information.

Online Rent Payment

Secure, fast, and convenient.

Here at Quartermaster Properties we stay on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of our tenants and owners.  One of the features provided is online rent payment via our secure Online Portal.  Rent is paid via eCheck, which is 100% free.   Tenants simply enter their bank routing and account number in the secure Online Portal to pay rent or any other charge directly from their checking or savings account.  This payment feature is available 24×7 from anywhere.    No more hassle writing and mailing checks, etc.  The whole process is secure, fast, and convenient.

You are going to love the online rent payment feature and doing business with Quartermaster Properties–we are exactly what you need!


January 2017 Housing Market Report

Housing Market Report

The Housing Market Report is made up of a number of factors:  housing market cycles, consumer confidence, mortgage rates, American’s geographic and climate preferences, employment and family situations,  The following data provides insights into the current housing market report. (more…)

SC Property Tax Rates. 4% owner occupied vs 6% non-owner occupied

Are you aware of the #SCPropertyTaxRate difference between owner occupied and non-owner occupied?  SC owner occupied property is taxed at 4%.  In addition, there are several discounts given which makes SC owner occupied property taxes really low. However, rent that same property and you lose the discounts and the rate jumps to 6%,  The result is the yearly tax bill ends up being about 3x the owner occupied rate. (more…)