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When Should I Hire A Property Manager

There is a lot of confusion about when is the best time to hand over your investment and hire a property management company. So when should I hire a property manager?  You could argue back and forth about doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring a credible management company to take your headaches away.  After all it could avoid costly mistakes depending on your level of expertise and the type of project it is.  With any DIY project there is always a learning curve that you don’t expect to run into.  We all think that things are easier in the beginning of a project since after all “It can’t be that hard”.  After the project is finished sometimes we look back and think maybe if I had hired a professional to do this I could have saved money in the long run.

Once you decide to use a professional take Dave Ramsey’s advice and seek out the true professionals.  Not all management companies are created equal and each of them have their own business model they follow.  Most of them have the same level of software, advertising products and features to make them and their properties stand out.  The question is how do they handle the details of your property and what exactly do you and your tenants get for the price you pay?  Put yourself in a tenants shoes and look at the different companies through the eyes of the consumer.  Would you want to use this company for your housing needs?  How can I be sure I am renting a home from a company that will take care of it while I am living there?  There are a lot of window dressing out there for companies to mask what they can really do for you.  Make sure you take the time to look behind the curtains and see what makes each of them tick!  Here is some great info from Dave Ramsey about property management!  Just because you are a big name in property management doesn’t mean you are the best. Like Dave Ramsey says, “There are great management companies out there you just have to search them out.” Make sure you search a great company out, and make sure you stop and search Quartermaster Properties because “We Are Exactly What You Need!”



South Carolina Schools

School is just around the corner and for some we are excited and for others it’s the end of the summer fun.  We often get many questions about schools and which will fit each families needs the best.  We at Quartermaster Properties have families and children of our own and know the importance of navigating South Carolina schools for the best fit for us.  South Carolina is different than many other states as there are more options for schools depending on the area you live in.  There are Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, Academy’s, Creative Art Schools and Montessori Schools which can be mind boggling to think about.  With all of these options this can be very hard for some who haven’t experienced this in the previous area they lived.  This is one website that we use to research the schools our children go to and thought we should share it with our Quartermaster Properties family.  Also we that it would be helpful to add a link to Charleston County School website to answer in other questions you may have.   Enjoy the links and we hope you all have a great start to your school year!

Great New Functionality

Image result for tenant turner youtube

Check out what our additional technology will do for you and your investment property!  We are always looking to make sure we are staying cutting edge in the property management industry.  Quartermaster Properties offers face to face showings to make sure you are getting the very best tenant in your property each and every time.  Once you are a part of the Quartermaster Properties family you will understand just how different we are and what makes us different than any other management company.



Real Property Management

There are many property management companies in South Carolina and Quartermaster Properties realizes that.  In South Carolina there are more than two thousand management companies in business to serve the homeowners and tenants living in this great state.  With that many companies doing business it is crucial to take your time and make sure you chose the best company possible.

Looking for a great management company can be tough if you are new to being a landlord.  Quartermaster properties has posted before about researching courthouse records to make sure the company is putting great tenants in your home.  Putting great tenants in your home is just the basic requirement that a management company MUST do.  What is just as important is thinking about how your property can produce maximum return on investment. This is where great management companies separate themselves from good management companies.

The best way to get the maximum return on investment is to think outside the box.  Maybe you can do some minor upgrades that would be cost effective and produce more monthly rent.  It is also important to make sure your property manager has some mechanical aptitude.  This means that your property manager has some knowledge on the basics of HVAC, electrical, plumbing and some building codes.  This doesn’t mean they are a expert on the subject but could save you money in certain circumstances dealing with different contractors

Quartermaster Properties strives to improve each of our clients investments staying current on all of the latest housing trends.  When you research different management companies be sure to take your time and hire the best.  If you hire a great management company having an investment property will be a wonderful experience.

History of Mount Pleasant

Mt Pleasant, SC is one of Quartermaster Properties’ favorite places in the Charleston area. Take a few minutes and watch this video describing some of the history and local things to do and sites to see — the surrounding areas also have much to offer.

In the event you may be considering moving to Mt Pleasant or surrounding area, this will give you a wonderful overview and flavor of this amazing town.  #WeAreExactlyWhatYouNeed

Shem Creek, Mt Pleasant, SC

Shem Creek, Mt Pleasant, SC

While there, consider dining at Shem Creek Bar & Grill! Enjoy beautiful views of the creek while you savor the freshest seafood available – everything from Fried Shrimp to Seafood Stuffed Flounder to a Shem Pot brimming with Steamed Shrimp, Oysters, Clams, Mussels, and Lobster. Enjoy some of Big Al’s Freshly shucked Oysters.  Visit Quartermaster Properties web site for more information.

How Does Your Prospective Management Company Rank


How do you measure the success of a management company?  One of many considerations might be a company’s eviction history.   If you are looking for a property management company check this link out before you hire them. Make sure you search the courthouse records to ensure they are doing their due diligence finding qualified tenants for your home.  If you don’t check up on them it could cost you a lot of money and just as many headaches.





SC Judicial Department


Online Rent Payment

Secure, fast, and convenient.

Here at Quartermaster Properties we stay on the cutting edge of technology for the benefit of our tenants and owners.  One of the features provided is online rent payment via our secure Online Portal.  Rent is paid via eCheck, which is 100% free.   Tenants simply enter their bank routing and account number in the secure Online Portal to pay rent or any other charge directly from their checking or savings account.  This payment feature is available 24×7 from anywhere.    No more hassle writing and mailing checks, etc.  The whole process is secure, fast, and convenient.

You are going to love the online rent payment feature and doing business with Quartermaster Properties–we are exactly what you need!


January 2017 Housing Market Report

Housing Market Report

The Housing Market Report is made up of a number of factors:  housing market cycles, consumer confidence, mortgage rates, American’s geographic and climate preferences, employment and family situations,  The following data provides insights into the current housing market report. (more…)

SC Property Tax Rates. 4% owner occupied vs 6% non-owner occupied

Are you aware of the #SCPropertyTaxRate difference between owner occupied and non-owner occupied?  SC owner occupied property is taxed at 4%.  In addition, there are several discounts given which makes SC owner occupied property taxes really low. However, rent that same property and you lose the discounts and the rate jumps to 6%,  The result is the yearly tax bill ends up being about 3x the owner occupied rate. (more…)

SC Bill H. 3027. Property tax law offers benefits military

Many South Carolinians have been unpleasantly surprised to learn that their property tax  bills can triple if they move and then rent out their former primary residence. . . .  .  [However.] . .  new rules were signed by Gov. Nikki Haley in March 2014, following the Legislature’s approval of  Bill H. 3027. Now, certain members of the military can get preferential property tax treatment that’s not available to others.”


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